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Ever Eco - Stainless Steel Straws, Bent

Price $3.95

Available individually or as a set of four high quality, lightweight, reusable, food grade #304 stainless steel drinking straws with cleaning brush.

The wide 8mm internal diameter is ideal for juices, smoothies, thick shakes and other cold drinks. The sleek lines and unique design will make any drink look stylish.

Cleaning up is a breeze with the cleaning brush. Simply rinse after use and wash with dish liquid or in dishwasher.

Each time you use a reusable straw, one less plastic straw ends up in landfill. A reusable straw has the potential to last a lifetime and replace thousands of plastic straws!

Lead-free and completely free of BPA and other nasty chemicals, high grade stainless steel won't leach toxins into your beverage as you drink.

    Child friendly (3+ years).

    Safety points:

    • Teach your child not to bite down on the straw as it may hurt their teeth or mouth.
    • A stainless steel straw is not a toy!
    • Do not let children use unsupervised.
    • Do not allow children to walk or run with stainless steel.

    Dimensions: 8mm diameter, 21.5cm length.

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