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bECOstep - blue or pink

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This eco-friendly step stool is made from bamboo waste and rice husks (around 80% of the material), which are leftover materials from farming. 

These natural plant fibres are ground into a fine powder. 

By adding a biodegradable resin and pressing the powder in a hot mould a bECOstep is born!

Designed to be safe and slip-resistant, the wide base is supported by rubber strips on the feet to stop it from moving around, and the top has raised contours, giving superb extra grip for little feet.

 As this step is made from bamboo it is heavier than most standard step stools, which is great as it is less likely to move or topple over!


A little potty idea

These eco-friendly steps will last for years in your home, then they will start to biodegrade as soon as you pop them in your garden... so there is plenty of time for your little one to use them and then save the environment.

After you've used your bECOstep, why not use it again for something else? We've come up with a few ideas but because we all like spending time in the garden, our favourite is to turn your step stool into a plant plot and call it the bECOplanter. 

Alternatively you can plant the step in the garden. Once the bECOstep is fully submerged, add some seeds, a little water, and watch the flowers grow.  Over the next few years, your step will biodegrade, feeding your flowers and helping the environment.  Tip: drill a few holes in the top of the step for drainage.

Designed in the UK, ethically made in China - the home of bamboo.

Available in two different colours.

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